11 Fresh Flower Farms In The Okanagan Valley

The Okanagan Valley is home to some of the best flower farms in Canada! Here are 11 wonderful flower farms in the Okanagan Valley that offer fresh, locally-grown flowers and ornamental plants.

Okanagan-grown fresh flowers are generally in-season from May to October. Most flower farms in the Okanagan are in the northern half of the valley (roughly centered around the town of Armstrong), due to the extreme summer heat in the southern end of the valley. Note that some of these flower farms are private studios, and may not be open for farm visits.

cc bloom flower farm - armstrong bc - okanagan valley

1. CC Bloom Flower Farm

CC Bloom Flower Farm is located along Highway 97A, between Armstrong and Enderby. The shop is known for its pretty white workshop building, gorgeous roses, and floral workshops. CC Bloom is owned and operated by farmer florist Candice Prato. The shop is typically open Wednesday-Saturday (check the website for current hours).

Shenandoah Knoll Flower Farm - Armstrong BC
Shenandoah Knoll Flower Farm

2. Shenandoah Knoll Flower Farm

Shenandoah Knoll is a flower farm located off Highway 97A, between Vernon and Armstrong. This farm is known for its vibrant blooms, specialty varieties, and custom arrangements for local businesses. Shenandoah Knoll is owned and operated by Ornamental Horticulturalist and farmer florist Christine Peckham.

Hartwood North Farm - photo by Mary Jane Duford
Hartwood North Farm

3. Hartwood North Flower Farm

Hartwood North is a flower farm and farmer florist located in the countryside area of Spallumcheen around the town of Armstrong. Hartwood North is known for its certified organic flowers, rolling fields of lavender, pretty farmers market booths, and floral design for local events. Hartwood North Flower Farm is owned and operated by Wendy Armstrong-Taylor and Malcolm Taylor.

“We grow over 50 varieties of certified organic flowers, and are always trying out new colours and cultivars. We harvest and process our flowers according to the optimum time and method for each variety, ensuring that they arrive at their destination in the freshest condition possible to prolong vase life.”

What We Grow, Hartwood North Flower Farm

4. Moss + Mirth Farm

Moss + Mirth Farm is a certified organic flower farm located in the rural area of Spallumcheen, BC, outside of the town of Armstrong. Moss + Mirth is known for colourful, dramatic bouquets – especially their stunning dahlias (over 300 varieties)!

The farm offers wholesale bulk dahlias, buckets of fresh flowers for weddings, as well as market bouquets (sold at a local farmers market and through their website and CSA). Dahlia tubers are also available for purchase from their website for shipping to customers all across Canada. Moss + Mirth Farm is operated by farmer florist Aubrey Sanjenko.​

early bird blooms - fresh flower booth at armstrong farmers market
Early Bird Blooms Fresh Flowers At The Armstrong Farmers Market

5. Early Bird Blooms

Early Bird Blooms Flower Farm is located on Schubert Road, in the rural countryside between Armstrong & Enderby. Early Bird Blooms is known for their sustainably grown flowers as well as their market bouquets and fresh flower subscription service. Early Bird Blooms is operated by farmer florist Janet Reimer.

6. Blumen Fields Flower Farm

Blumen Fields Flower Farm is located along Enderby-Mabel Lake Road, about five minutes east of Enderby. Blumen Fields is known for their specialty & heirloom varieties as well as their weekly and bi-weekly subscription packages. Blumen Fields is operated by flower farmer Nadine Charlton.

Okanagan Farmer Florists - Wedding Flowers

7. Little Flora Gem – An Okanagan Flower Farm

Little Flora Gem is a flower farm and studio located on Trinity Valley Road, about 15 minutes east of Enderby. This cut-flower farm is known for its nature-inspired bouquets, sustainable growing techniques, and whimsical garden style. Little Flora Gem is owned and operated by Paris-trained farmer florist Jessica Miedema.

“At Little Flora Gem we use flowers, foliage, herbs and foraged treasures from our farm in the beautiful North Okanagan and let the fields and forests around us inspire our design process. We DO NOT use floral foam, glitter or other additives.”

8. BackCountry Blooms Flower Farm

BackCountry Blooms is a flower farm located on Horner Road south of Hwy 6, between Lavington and Lumby. This flower farm is well-known for its custom florals, but also the market bouquets frequently sold at specialty grocers like Butcher Boys and Nature’s Fare (both in Vernon). BackCountry Blooms is operated by Amie and Molly Bengtson.

9. Farm & Flower Co.

Farm & Flower Co. is a flower farm located in the countryside between Vernon & Armstrong. This farm is known for its specialty tulips, flower bouquet subscriptions, and Saturday roadside flower stand. Farm & Flower Co. is operated by farmer florist Yolanda Vanderhorst.

“Home grown in the beautiful Okanagan valley, these fresh seasonal blooms will brighten yours or someone else’s day. Our flowers are grown sustainably with no pesticides or other harsh chemicals, so take a deep breath and enjoy!”

Farm & Flower Co.

10. Orchard Green Farms

Orchard Green Farms is a family flower farm located in the BX area of Vernon. Orchard Green is known for their dahlias (and dahlia tubers for home growers), peonies, and special event floral arrangements. Orchard Green Farms is owned and operated by Madeline and Amy Fehr.

11. Lavender and Lace Floral Farm & Design

Lavender and Lace Floral Farm & Design is located on the south side of Kelowna. This urban flower farm is known for their stylish floral arrangements, CSA flower subscriptions, and stunning wedding flowers. Lavender and Lace Floral Farm & Design is operated by farmer florist Kristen Moore.

12. (Coming Soon) Bloom Tulip Farm

Bloom, the Abbotsford Tulip Festival, is currently in the process of relocating to the Okanagan Valley! Third-generation flower farmer Alexis Szarek moved to the Okanagan in late 2020, with planting scheduled for autumn 2021. We look forward to enjoying Alexis’ blooming tulips next spring!

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