8 Playgrounds in Armstrong, BC

Armstrong, BC has a number of wonderful playgrounds for kids of all ages. Here are 8 of the most popular playgrounds in Armstrong, as well as a few out-of-the-way options.

Playground Equipment at Memorial Park in Armstrong, BC
Kids Playground Equipment at Memorial Park, Armstrong BC

Memorial Park Playground

The playground in Memorial Park is very popular for children of all ages. The open area is surrounded by grass for picnics, as well as several picnic tables and benches. The ground surface of the playground area is made of wood chips.

Large evergreen trees in the park shade areas of the playground throughout the day. Parking is available on the east side of the park (off Pleasant Valley Road) and north of the park (off Park Drive). Public washrooms are available.

Playground Equipment at Memorial Park

  • Freestanding Playsets (Jungle Gyms)
  • Rope Climbing Tower (Spider Net)
  • Swings (Including Tot-Sized)
  • Wave Teeter Totter (Wiggly Worm)
  • Plastic Slide
  • Climbing “Rock” Boulder
  • Water Spray Park

2021 Update – The big old metal swingset has been removed and replaced with new playgound equipment (including 2 freestanding playsets)! The old faves remain (climbing boulder, spider net, wiggly worm, slide). There are also new round picnic tables and an expanded area of fresh wood chips. Read more here.

Memorial Park Location: 3285 Pleasant Valley Rd, Armstrong, BC

Playground Equipment at Armstrong Elementary School (AES, Brick School) in Armstrong, BC
Main Playground Area at AES (Armstrong, BC)

Armstrong Elementary School

Armstrong Elementary School is home to a wonderful playground suited to older preschoolers and elementary-aged children. This playground is often visited by local families during evenings, weekends, and summers when school is not in session.

The playground includes picnic tables and several trees for shade. There are also smaller playground areas around the school grounds, as well as fields, hilly areas, and a forested natural area (fenced). Parking is available south of the playground (off Rosedale Avenue) and on the north side of the school (off Pleasant Valley Road).

Playground Equipment at Armstrong Elementary School

  • Swings
  • Climbing Tower (Wooden)
  • Metal Climbing Structure
  • Slide (Plastic)
  • Overhead Track Gliders

Brick School Location: 3010 Pleasant Valley Rd, Armstrong, BC (also accessible off Rosedale Avenue)

Playground Equipment at McLeod Park (Spallumcheen) in Armstrong, BC

McLeod Park Playground

McLeod Park’s playground is wonderful for younger children. The low, plastic climbing structure and soft rubber ground surface coating are well-suited to toddlers and little kids (design age stated as 2-12). Located in quiet McLeod subdivision, the large grassy area is mainly fenced and also includes a picnic table and benches.

While this is a newer park, there are a few trees starting to grow in and create a bit of shade in the otherwise open field. Parking is available in a small parking lot on the east side of the park (off Sydney Crescent).

Playground Equipment at McLeod Park

  • Swings
  • Climbing Structure (Plastic, Low)
  • Slides (Plastic)
  • Bouncy Seats
  • Paved Basketball Court

McLeod Park Location: Lockhart Drive (at Sydney Crescent), Spallumcheen, BC

Playground Equipment at Lions Park by Golf Course in Armstrong, BC
Playground Equipment at Lion’s Park in Armstrong (Near Royal York Golf Course, Tim Hortons)

Armstrong Lions Park

Armstrong Lions Park is a small green space and playground in the residential area near Royal York Golf Course. The park includes a plastic climbing structure perfect for young children. The neighbourhood is relatively quiet and the playground area surface is topped with rounded pea gravel.

The park includes a small green space, as well as a couple picnic tables and benches. There is a lovely floral mural decorating the basketball court area. This neighbourhood park has no dedicated parking lot (street parking only).

Playground Equipment at Armstrong Lions Park

  • Climbing Structure (Plastic, Low)
  • Slides (2, Plastic)
  • Swings
  • Teeter Totter
  • Springy Horse
  • Basketball Hoop with Paved Half-Court

Lions Park Location: Hunter Avenue (at Norman Street intersection), Armstrong, BC

Playground Equipment at Highland Park Elementary (HPE) in Armstrong, BC
South Playground at Highland Park Elementary
Playground Equipment behind Highland Park Elementary School in Armstrong, BC
North Playground at Highland Park Elementary School

Highland Park Elementary

Highland Park Elementary School in Armstrong, BC has two large main playground areas. As with AES, these playgrounds are visited by neighbourhood families during summers, evenings, and weekends when school is not in session.

While there are no shade trees or picnic tables, these playgrounds both have benches and are surrounded by grassy areas. The playground on the south side of the school near the road has a rounded pea gravel play surface, while the playground behind the school is surfaced with wood chips.

Playground Equipment at Highland Park Elementary

  • Swings (lots!)
  • Metal Climbing Structures
  • Slides (including large metal slide)
  • Climbing Wall
  • Tire Swings
  • Track Gliders
  • Teeter Totters
  • Monkey Bars
  • Spinning Structures
  • Paved Play Court

Highland Park Playground Location: 3200 Wood Avenue, Armstrong, BC

Playground Equipment at Len Wood School in Armstrong, BC
Len Wood’s New Playground Equipment

Len Wood School

Len Wood Middle School has a recently-installed playground with equipment well-suited to big kids. This playground is generally quiet in evenings, weekends, and in the summer when school is not in session.

The playground is in an open area surrounded by grassy fields and play courts. The field is popular with dog walkers (and has even been known as a launching area for hot air ballons). Parking is available in the adjacent lot during off-hours.

Playground Equipment at Len Wood Middle School

  • Swings
  • Metal Playground Structures (Fitness-Focused)
  • Overhead Track Glider
  • Disc Swing
  • Monkey Bars
  • Rope Bridge

Len Wood School Playground Location: 3700 Patten Drive, Armstrong, BC

Playground at Armstrong Preschool
Playground at Armstrong Preschool

Armstrong Preschool (Private)

Armstrong Preschool, on Rosedale Avenue, is a private playschool with an outdoor playground that often allows the community to use its grounds “at your own risk.” The playground is only accessible when school is not in session and when the locks have been removed from the gates. There are signs indicating instructions for use.

Playground Equipment Armstrong Preschool

  • Swings
  • Climbing Structure
  • Slides (2, Plastic)
  • Bouncy Cars
  • Hippo Tunnel
  • Sandbox

Armstrong Preschool Playground Location: 3260 Rosedale Avenue (between the south parking lot for Armstrong Elementary School and the south end of the Taylor Jade Van Diest Memorial Trail).

Playground Equipment at Green Empty Lot in Highland Park Subdivision in Armstrong, BC
Small Playground in Highland Park Subdivision

Highland Park Green Lot

Highland Park subdivision, north of Highland Park Elementary, includes a small green lot with swings. This park is popular with dog-walkers and has a trail up the side of the ravine. This empty-lot park does not have a parking lot (street parking only).

Playground Equipment Highland Park Subdivision

  • Swings
  • Bouncy Fire Truck

Highland Park Subdivision Playground Location: Highland Park Drive (near intersection with Highland Park Crescent), Armstrong, BC

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